Basic operating procedures for filling and sealing machines

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Operation procedure for filling and sealing machine

1.1. Check that the components are intact and secure, that the power supply voltage is normal, and that the air circuit is normal.

1.2. Check that the sensor chain, cup holder, cam, switch and color code are in good condition.

1.3. Check if the mechanical parts are linked and the lubrication is good.

1.4. Check whether the upper pipe station, the pressure pipe station, the light station, the filling station and the sealing station are coordinated.

1.5. Identify tools and other items around the equipment.

1.6. Check that the components of the feeder unit are intact and secure.

1.7. Check if the control switch is in the original position and use the handwheel to move the machine to determine if there is any fault.

1.8. After confirming that the previous process is normal, turn on the power supply and air valve, jog the machine for trial operation, run at low speed first, and gradually increase to normal operation speed after normal operation.

1.9. The upper pipe station adjusts the speed of the upper pipe motor so that the electric pull rod speed matches the machine speed and maintains the automatic drop pipe operation.

1.10. The pressure tube station drives the pressure head to operate at the same time by the up and down reciprocating motion of the cam linkage mechanism, and presses the hose to the correct position.

1.11. Use the handwheel to move to the light station for the light position, turn the light cam to make it work close to the light cam, and make the light beam of the photoelectric switch illuminate the center of the color mark, the distance is 5-10 mm.

1.12. The filling station is when the hose is lifted at the light station, the probe near the cone end of the tube is close to the switch, and the signal is passed through the PLC and then operated by the solenoid valve, 20MM away from the end of the hose. When filling the paste is over.

1.13. Filling amount adjustment First loosen the nut, turn the respective screw and move the stroke arm slider position to increase the outward direction, and vice versa, and finally lock the nut.

1.14. The sealing station adjusts the upper and lower positions of the sealing knife according to the needs of the pipe. The gap of the sealing knife is about 0.2MM.

1.15. Turn on the power and air source, start the automatic running system, and fill the sealing machine into automatic operation.

1.16 Non-maintenance operators are strictly forbidden to adjust the setting parameters arbitrarily. If the settings are not correct, the unit may not work properly. In severe cases, the unit may be damaged. If there is indeed a need to adjust during the application, be sure to do so when the unit is stopped.

1.17. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the unit while the unit is running.

1.18. Stop press the “Stop” button, then turn off the power switch and air supply switch.

1.19. Completely clean the feeding unit and the filling and sealing machine unit.

1.20. Make a record of equipment operating status and routine maintenance records.
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